Many of our customers are now on their second or third Ribeye. They love the RIBs but equally important, they appreciate the support they receive from the team at Ribeye. Whether you are completely new to boating, new to the RIB world or just need help fitting your new Ribeye tender in the garage, we have a team here to help.

Ribeye can provide your whole boating package to ensure you maximise and enhance your leisure time.

We can make boating easy for you.

Things to consider when buying a RIB:

On sea performance. You want a RIB that has been tried & tested in the toughest of UK seas and you need to try it too. If you want to go offshore, you need to ensure the RIB is a Category B - it's important you ask this question of the manufacturer as some RIBs are assigned Category C which limits them to inland waters and estuaries and are not man enough for our British seas!

Deep V hull. You want a hull that can get you home in whatever chop the sea throws at you. Shallow V boats are great when the weather is fine but uncomfortable when you are getting thrown around. Shallower V hulls are cheap to build which is reflected in their price. To strengthen and create a sharp hull is not a cheap process. The performance, handling and softness of ride have to be experienced to be believed and there can be a vast difference between hulls.

Construction.  What is going on under the tubes? The deck layout may look superb but so much more depends on the build. Have a read of “The Build” to understand more what this entails.

Reliability. This comes from the engine manufacturer as well as the boat builder. You want a no quibble warranty should anything go wrong.

What comes as standard? Don’t be caught out by a low RRP and realise you don’t get a cushion on your seats or a fuel tank!

Deck layout. For a safe, soft, fast ride weight distribution in a boat is critical. Some companies position consoles, petrol tank and other heavy items at rear of the craft to give the illusion of more deck space.

Safety & Training. This is paramount. Not only should a RIB be built with safety in mind for your family, safety should also feature heavily in your handover.

Total cost of ownership. Have a look at the second hand market – will the brand you are buying retain its value?

How can Ribeye help?

Launch & recovery. Ribeye can provide launch, recovery and mooring services.

Ribeye is an RYA Powerboat Training School. Why not do your training with all the family in your new Ribeye. It is great fun and will give you the confidence to enjoy your Ribeye to its full potential.

Insurance. Ribeye can put you in touch with their Insurance advisor who has created insurance packages for Ribeye owners over many years.

Outboard Engine. Ribeye chose Yamaha because of their superb performance and reliability. Yamaha have a nationwide network of service centres where you can get your engine serviced annually thereby taking advantage of the 5 year warranty.

Servicing. All Ribeyes have an extended 5 year extended warranty. Any Ribeye sales centre in the UK would be delighted to cast an eye over your RIB once a year so you can get the full benefit of the extended guarantee.

Approved Used Ribeye Scheme. Used Ribeyes are in high demand and hold their value astonishingly. This scheme allows Ribeye to take in your Used Ribeye and help you with your upgrade.

Demonstrations. Ribeye can arrange this for you. Why not make a day of it - have a demo then enjoy a meal at one of Dartmouth’s famous restaurants

Handover. Ribeye prides itself on superb handover service which is as detailed as you need, from an hour on shore or a whole day to include training on helming, launching and recovery so you go away feeling confident, safe and excited!

Thanks to the fantastic 2 days powerboat training we survived our first two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed the whole time.  On the first morning despite raised heart rate we successfully managed to use just about everything he taught us - except I am glad to say "Man over board” and in addition avoided fleets of racing boats all with a lovely audience of Salcombe regatta visitors! We were out every day and it has lived up to all your promises and our expectations! Our powerboat training was not the best weather - you may remember - but it really gave us such confidence in the boat which meant that we had the confidence to go out although they were 2 sunny but very windy weeks with a reasonable sea and a good swell over the bar and we took her up and down the coast a little as well as explored the estuary a bit.  Fantastic start to the boating in Salcombe, even the dog liked it.

Mrs A, Salcombe

Handover Day with David Flatman

Ribeye takes handovers very seriously. Your handover day will be tailored to your family and include all the elements you need to enjoy boating with your new Ribeye.