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Minimum People

How many people do you see coming aboard your Ribeye? Remember everyone needs to be safe and secure at all times! Please select the range for your needs.

Maximum Price

How much are you looking to spend on your RIB? Ribeye provides RIBs to suit all budgets

Maximum Size

How big do you want her? We make RIBs from smaller than 3m all the way up to 12m+. Just make sure you've considered where she'll be kept and what space is available.


What are you going to do with your Ribeye? You can select any number of usages.

RIBs are in our blood

We are a British family with a strong ethos in quality, manufacturing and advanced engineering. At Ribeye, we are committed to challenge what is possible and continue to build what our customers regard as the "ultimate leisure RIBs".

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