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Yacht Tender TV: Twin Diesel Outboard


Destined for an Expedition Sail Yacht, this tender will be stored in the foredeck tender well. The tender’s console and mast can be lowered within a matter of moments so as no to impede on the Mothership’s overall silhouette when admired from afar. As the yacht will be exploring some of the most remote locations around the globe, the ease of access to the diesel fuel from the Mothership and the efficiency of the outboards will play a vital role in the tender performing it’s multi-role function seamlessly.

The Yanmar Dtorque Diesel Outboards hold the SOLAS Med Wheelmark, meaning that all Ribeye SOLAS Rescue Tenders can be powered by both diesel and petrol propulsion systems.

For more information on this tender project please email superyacht@ribeye.co.uk or call +44 (0)1803 832060.

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