• Ultimate Fenders
    Inflatable. Stowable. Beautiful



Ribeye are an authorised dealer of Ultimate Fenders.

Backed by two years of development and prototype testing, our fenders are the only inflatable fenders on the market which meet Guaranteed Energy Absorption figures required to protect your yacht whilst berthing.

Ultimate Fenders innovate with advanced construction methods and materials enabling our fenders to be truly fit for purpose. Super Yacht requirements has not only influenced but directed the final design, so your Yacht benefits from a reliable tested platform which offers maximum flexibility regarding customisation to meet the needs of all custom Super Yachts.
Explore the benefits of our product and find out why they are the 'Ultimate Fender'...

The unique ellipsoid design* allows full GEA levels to be met while allowing
minimum per unit area hull pressure.

  • Manufactured in 1500GSM heavy duty Hypalon fabric in colour of your choice
  • Toughest fenders available
  • Revolutionary 'Fender Pad' to prevent fender scuff caused by traditional fender covers
  • Each fender is fully traceable with it's own unique RFID tag & Serial Number
  • Available in 8 standard colours in 3 textile impressions
  • Optional fender pad available in over 15 colours and 3 textile impressions
  • A range of stitched fluting and embroidery options
  • Fender covers available

* Registered Design no. 5000056