Inboard Tenders

Diesel inboard performance stern drive tenders, custom made for your yacht with sizes from 6 to 12m.

Known for their deep V hull and bow shear, these British built tenders are incredibly soft riding and offer the driest ride in their size class.

Working with propulsion suppliers such as Volvo, Yanmar and MerCruiser, everything from the inboard engine to the specific dashboard electronic specification can be matched to your yacht’s additional tenders and kit list.

Custom weight laminates and folding consoles ensure seamless installation of the tender which also maximises both tender and stowage areas through their clever design. The customisable 4x4 nature of these tenders makes them a popular and reliable choice for both large and small superyachts. 

Ribeye’s ethos for stern drive is based around the need to ensure the bow remains high so that the crew and most importantly the guests are protected from the elements when afloat. From one’s first step aboard a Ribeye inboard tender, the stability at rest is instantly noticeable instilling confidence in its users.

Like every Ribeye tender, a full list of spares, wiring diagrams and a service support line is available at any time.