SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) Regulations state that all yachts over 500GRT should be provided with a Rescue Boat meeting SOLAS requirements. This Rescue Boat is designed to act as a man-over-board recovery boat and provide a marshalling vessel for life rafts in the event of abandoning the mother ship. 


The goal of the Ribeye SOLAS Tender range were to create a collection of flexible tenders that truly contribute to your yacht and tender fleet rather than being stowed away and never used. 

Every Ribeye tender is based upon an offshore hull with a deep V and sizeable bow sheer meaning each tender will be the most stable and dry riding tender in class. By combining these core characteristics of the Ribeye with the SOLAS specifications means that the Ribeye sets a new standard in the yacht tender market.


Ribeye SOLAS Tenders are available from 6 - 9m with either outboard or inboard propulsion systems.