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The S Series


S Series Engineered for excitement

The S Series has evolved with high performance and comfort in mind for everyone. These sports RIBs are simply beautiful with the hull perfectly designed to give the sweetest wake for water sports with a structural A-frame arduously tested to ensure it’s the perfect height to get some serious air!

The stunning S Series range of RIBs are custom built to your needs and offer breathtaking offshore performance combined with vast sunbathing options for when you reach your paradise.

The stylish lines of the platform embody a fast, sleek and dart-like persona even at rest, making these boats look like they can travel as fast as they do in reality. With the large stainless steel fuel tanks, versatile deck layouts and beautiful yet solid construction, the S series not only outperforms boats of its size but will do so more economically, comfortably and with much more style.