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For the last 20 years, across three sites at their British headquarters, Ribeye Tenders has become a watchword for offshore capability, optimum comfort, robust engineering, and the finest British design.

Ribeye®’s practical approach, unrivalled build quality and highly engineered ease of maintenance solutions have garnered them a global reputation as the RIB tender specialists.

Ribeye Tenders are in service on some of the most iconic fleets in the world and maintain the highest customer satisfaction levels within the industry, with many repeat clients as testament to this.

Ribeye Tender Range


With an extensive portfolio of RIB tenders from 5-12m, Ribeye offer proven hull platforms that can be customised to the exact service requirements of the mothership. Both petrol and diesel options are available for all outboard platforms as well as jet and sterndrive options available from 6m.

In collaboration with renowned superyacht engineers, Ribeye Tenders have been designed for simple in-life maintenance and are all supplied with clear wiring diagrams and documentation. All technical installation and lifting requirements are handled by Ribeye engineers who understand that all garages and tender bays are unique and have therefore engineered each platform to offer many solutions including custom lift points and chocks in accordance with the specific storage and launch situations of the yacht. Your project coordinator will provide visual concepts and technical drawings that can be shown to the owner, shipyard and crew.

All Ribeye tenders have a large degree of customisation and the team collaborate with the yacht and crew to ensure all details are met, from fixing points for whips to shore power locations. Ribeye encourages and appreciates customising every build to ensure the tender serves its purpose and meets the exacting needs of the mothership. Dependant on the tenders service requirements they broadly fit into the following categories: rugged explorer yacht specification, utility-based crew tenders, versatile chase boats, luxurious guest tenders and from 5-8.5m, MED SOLAS Rescue tenders carrying the MED wheel mark. The beachlander solution is available on all platforms.

The team at Ribeye Tenders offer 24-hour customer support via telephone and email to answer any questions large or small and can offer virtual or video support for any query.

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Inboard Tenders

Jet – Stern Drive 5-10m

Ribeye specialises in luxury diesel inboard and jet superyacht tenders built on a high-volume hull architecture, creating a RIB superyacht tender that is more soft and dry riding than any other tender in its class. SOLAS and beachlander systems available.

Ribeye’s inboard solutions are engineered for reliability and serviceability to ensure enough space is left to carry out simple in-life maintenance. Primary systems and electrics are clearly labelled, and corresponding drawings are supplied making the maintenance of these tenders easy and seamless for the yacht’s team to manage.

During the design process, Ribeye’s technical team will work with your garage CAD drawings and measurements to ensure the perfect tender fitment. A detailed lifting plan will be supplied, and the Ribeye team will work with the crew to either modify the existing chocks or build new ones to accommodate the new tender.

Designed and manufactured in Great Britain, Ribeye’s dedicated team have invented the highest quality sound baffling system ensuring that these inboard tenders run almost silently for optimum guest transfer. Inboard propulsion systems are available from Yanmar and Volvo Penta, utilising their sterndrive systems, and for those requiring lighter weight tender builds often favouring the Volvo option due to the weight-saving aluminium block. Jet drive options are available from Hamilton and Alamarin depending on the specification of the tender.

Ribeye inboard tenders are finished to superyacht standard and have customisable deck layouts to suit your service requirements, be it as a fully certified MED SOLAS Rescue tender or designed with a Beachlanding configuration.

General arrangements are available upon request. Please enquire below. 

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Outboard Tenders

Petrol and Diesel Specialists 5-12m

Ribeye Petrol and Diesel Outboard Tenders are often the tender of choice due to their outstanding performance, reliability and ease of maintenance, allowing for global voyaging. Tried and tested over 20 years, the proven Ribeye architecture boasts high volume, deep-v hull forms engineered to provide smooth and dry guest transfer with custom deck layouts optimised for any tender to shore activities and watersports.

With recent traction for Diesel Outboard Tenders Ribeye have put extensive work into their diesel offerings and have become pioneers in the industry, with many of their more recent tender projects powered by OXE and Yanmar DTorque engines. Some of the advantages of operating a diesel outboard tender are the lower overall weight and horsepower requirements.

Ribeye’s technical team will work with your garage CAD drawing and measurements to ensure the perfect tender fitment. A detailed lifting plan will be supplied and the team will work with the crew to either modify the existing chocks or build new ones to accommodate the new tender.

Ribeye Outboards are often selected by explorer yachts due to their incredibly long service intervals and fuel efficiency. Ribeye provides detailed documentation and wiring diagrams specific to each tender meaning ease of maintenance for the crew. Ribeye can easily troubleshoot by shipping any parts and pre-rigged engines anywhere around the globe within 48 hours, meaning minimal downtime for the tender.

From their UK Headquarters in Dartmouth, Great Britain, these highly engineered tenders undergo a stringent testing programme in some of the toughest sea states allowing for complete confidence as your go-to tender due to their reliability, ease of use and comfort.

With a wealth of experience on the water and advanced manufacturing techniques, each Ribeye embodies world-class design and British engineering. Every Ribeye Tender is manufactured and finished using the best resins, Hypalon and luxurious upholstery ensuring superyacht quality is found on every boat.

Ribeye Tenders are built to be beautiful yet unbreakable. Each platform offers customisable deck layouts to suit your service requirements be it as a fully certified MED SOLAS Rescue tender or designed with a Beachlanding configuration.

General arrangements are available upon request. Please enquire below.


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SOLAS Certified

Rescue Tenders from 6-8.5m

The popularity of the Ribeye SOLAS rescue tender range is due to the flexibility in their design resulting in fully certified rescue tenders that are multipurpose for all crew duties and service requirements. For all yachts over 500GT Ribeye manufactures fully compliant SOLAS rescue tenders carrying the MED wheel mark. There are also rescue tender platforms available for yachts under 500GT.

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Beachlander System

Available on all platforms from 6m+

Ribeye has engineered the beachlanding functionality to allow for safe and elegant embarkment and disembarkment of guests from the tender to remote beach locations.

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